• Fruit Ninja Chat, Fruit Ninja's local forum.
  • "Depict" and "FAQ", Depict's two local forums.

OpenFeint's Local Forums vary, depending on the app. For example, Fruit Ninja has its own local forum: "Fruit Ninja Chat", and Depict has "Depict" and "FAQ". All of these local forums are unique to the app that they're in.

What Local Forums containEdit

  • To answer this question, first we will scrutinize Fruit Ninja's "Fruit Ninja Chat" local forum. This local forum is all about Fruit Ninja, from app strategy to new unlocks to high scores. Generally, local forums are all about the app they are within.
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    Fruit Ninja Chat

    Fruit Ninja Chat is the perfect example. Because these forums are local, they don't get a lot of activity, so don't plan on becoming a frequenter to any of these forums any time soon. Also, local forums are moderated by the company that programmed the game; in Fruit Ninja Chat's case, Halfbrick Studios has to be the moderator. This kind of moderator is not really effective, which leads to spam not under control, rampant trolling, and an overall feeling of disgustingness permeating the forum. For people who generally ignore spam, this is not an obstacle. But for people who can't stand the sight of spam, this will be the thorn in your side every time you enter the forum. Local forums aren't all about the app they're within. Some local forums, such as Depict's "FAQ", are suggestions and question pages that the developers of the app have set up as a way for gamers to be truly involved in their game. As with Fruit Ninja Chat, "FAQ" is not heavily moderated because the developers of the game have to act as moderator, leading to countless spam. On a conclusive note, if you want to familiarize yourself with these Local forums, we suggest NOT
    • Depict's "FAQ", displaying the stickies.
    • Depict's "FAQ", displaying some threads.
    . Why? Because they don't get any activity, they're deep spamholes, they're troll bridges, and they never accomplish what they were initiated to accomplish! We suggest to transplant your OpenFeint experience to the global forums and the Off-Topic forum instead for the best OpenFeint experience.

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