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This is a type of message you might get from a moderator if you were to get banned. This one was made by Zython - an OpenFeint Moderator.

Bans are suspensions on OpenFeint for a certian period of time, which is decided on by one of the eight current Moderators, or the Admin (OFErOne).

Bans are usually caused by Spamming, Profanity, Pornography (Profile Picture) & simply just breaking the OpenFeint Rules.


A Ban can follow these time limits.

Ban Lengths:Edit

  • - 10 minutes(from flooding)
  • - 6 hours
  • - 1 day
  • - 1 week
  • - 1 month
  • - Forever


An easy way to stop from getting banned is to follow OpenFeints' "Forum Rules and Guidelines" & "Forum Survival Guide", which are both locked and are both stickies. The Forum Rules & Guidelines have all the rules of OpenFeint in one thread, so read it throughly, maybe read it once or twice, just to get it through your head.

The Forum Survival Guide is a complete guide on how to survive on OpenFeint, it will give you such things as what not to do, and Forum Lingo, such as the word "OF" which on OpenFeint is referred to as "OpenFeint. Try to read both, to get the gist of everything and how to make the most of your OpenFeint.

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